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Hi there. I'm Annie, an Oregonian in Idaho. I like to draw things, paint things, make mix cds, and read a lot. I'm also a librarian.

This is a personal blog and some things will be reblogged here because I think they are nice.

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Fact: The truth is bisexuals are playing the long con, which is why they let people think they don’t exist. They’re secretly biding their time until gays and straights have the ultimate battle for dominance and annihilate each other. Then, in the absence of all other human sexuality, the bisexuals will come out of hiding riding their unicorns and will remake the world in their glorious image. -paraphrased from the little-known ‘Bisexual Agenda

Joining the Groot fanart party



Dennis Krauss was dispatched to the home of a woman who called 911 alleging that her husband had hit her. Rather than arresting the husband, however, Krauss asked the victim to ride with him in his police car. Once she was in his car, “Krauss told the victim that he could take her to jail if he wanted to” or, if she did not want to be arrested, she could have sex with him instead. Krauss’ words, according to the court opinion, were “[w]e can go to the motel or you can go to jail.”

At the motel, Krauss drew his service weapon and told the woman that he wanted to anally penetrate her with the gun. When she refused, and began to cry, “Krauss then pushed her back, pulled off her pants, and had sex with her.” And then he drove her home to the same husband that led her to call the police in the first place.

Krauss was convicted of sexual assault against a person in custody, and this one instance of sexual assault is far from the only allegation against him. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “[h]is record was filled with allegations of misconduct: that he beat a prisoner so severely the man’s brain bled; that he threatened to fabricate charges against a suspect so he could sleep with the man’s wife; that he pressured at least 10 women for sex to avoid arrest.” The former cop, for his part, is unrepentant. When asked about his sexual assault conviction, he claims that “[t]here wasn’t any crime,” and that “I was dealt a bad hand.”

And yet, in July of 2013, the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles restored Krauss’ right to carry a firearm. According to a Journal-Constitution tally, he is one of 358 violent felons who regained these rights over a six year period. That includes 32 violent felons who killed someone, and 44 who committed sex crimes.

Not many people know this, but in many states, convicted felons with a record of violence lose their right to vote, but not their right to bear arms.


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Airport sketching (at McCarran International Airport)

Vegas is weird. (at New York - New York Hotel & Casino Las Vegas)

I figure it’s the love that keeps you warm
Let this moment be forever
We won’t ever feel the storm

Feist - Inside and Out (acoustic) <3

Eastern Washington feels just like Idaho. All dry and mysterious and empty.


Final for my Time Arts class. Nothing gets you in touch with your own anger quite like listening to this and thinking about all the times you’ve been objectified and belittled.