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Hi there. I'm Annie, an Oregonian in Idaho. I like to draw things and also paint things.


This is a personal blog and many things are reblogged here because I think they are nice.

I also read a lot.

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Blue sky? Springtime? Whaaaaat? (at University of Idaho)

This looks like an amazing sleeping spot. Too bad I can’t fit in my dresser.

I miss you. I miss everything.

Working on my next tattoo


This is not a comic.

(Quoted poem from alonesomes.)

My ALA Midwinter Meeting haul. 33 books. I love being a librarian <3

Snow forever

Philadelphia photo roundup


I don’t know about the rest of you, but us Idahoans are wistfully dreaming of summer. Please enjoy this photograph of sorority women playing a game of cards on a particularly warm day in Moscow, Idaho in 1955.

From the 1955 Gem of the Mountains Digital Yearbook

<3 Mir




Why is [state] so…?

Maine is white because there’s really no reason for anyone else to move there (says the biracial girl who was born and raised there).

Also, snow.

Why are there all those haunted states is what I want to know.

Yay. I was born in Racist and now live in Backwards.

I love what’s happening between Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. While WA and ID are fighting over who can be the most extreme in their political groups, Oregon is just sitting there like ‘yeah, I’m good. I’m full of good people and beautiful mountains and amazing beaches. Suckers.’

<3 Degas (at Philadelphia Museum of Art)